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It's funny how years ago I video dating profile on the forums for MyFitnessPal and I told everybody about the red pill philosophy and alot of them were trying to talk chit and laugh like I was crazy but the reality is they're delusional because that site consists of sensitive, insecure people and beta males and manipulative women who like to toy with men.

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Seriously, the best thing you can do is have her questioning herself as to whether or not you even like her.

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I'd prefer if more men was like this.

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Lend a helping hand.

Think about it:

Originally Posted by DanielleGreen.

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Even back then I knew more about the dynamics of what women did than they did.

But you guys telling each other what you like about each other, definitely wouldn't call that "beta behavior.

SRS Brahs, As the title says, what do you think?

I just want to stop making copies of my apartment keys for artists with inner-lip tattoos who have never made any art.