Strip till planter. To reduce this problem and to allow soil warming to saree side views sooner, some producers placed the coulters on a separate toolbar and performed the strip tillage operation anytime from one-half day to several weeks ahead of planting.

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But they think the trip is worthwhile because in wet years it lets them start planting sooner the first time and after each rain.

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Last spring, he says they struggled getting the downpressure system to function properly.

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Agronomic practices are constantly changing, and at a faster pace now than ever.

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In extremely wet fields, they leave the strips to dry out for a day or two before planting.

He prefers to build strips in late fall, or even early winter, and wants at least a 2-week buffer before planting to reduce any potential burn from anhydrous ammonia application.

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With this setup we can hit the field when the soil is still tacky.

The first step is crunching numbers.