Rules to texting. Ben, 27, cautions the tipsy texters:

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And you used to play the flute?

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Those things very well could have happened to her or they could be excuses for her not wanting to hang out.

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I met this girl in pub, she causualy walked over and started talking to me, we got along fine.

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And she just said yes, you were in my class right?

At moments questions were asked towards myself but for the majority of the brief texting convo, i was trying to skillfully pull the convo.

Most people want to kill you if woken up by a bunch of mindless texts.

Got the courage and asked for her number.

Hi Nick, I came across your article by chance while searching for something to advice me on some perplexing things with regard to my recent correspondence with a girl.

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Dear nick, please there is this girl I met for d first time and I requested for her facebook username of which I added her.