Nude girls burning man. But I've never been to another festival where I had such a strong sense of ownership and such a high level of personal involvement in the festival as a whole.

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Although burners will usually come and tell you personally if they think you're not acting in accordance with the Burning Man ethos.

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The increasingly spectacular pyrotechnic event was halted in by park police as a fire hazard.

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One of the coolest gifts I ever saw was a grey-haired lady sitting at a folding table with a sign that read "advice from an elder.

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Excellent and beautiful as always Ben.

The night we went to the orgy dome, the line was super long.

But there is a culture of no-strings-attached gifting which can take any form, from a jaffle to a foot massage.

Before the Holocaust, Nazis targeted so-called 'Gypsies'.

Festivalgoers enjoy a nice mud bath in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

I didn't realize there was such a process to getting in.

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When oil derricks loomed over California beaches.