My newborn keeps choking on saliva. Baby's First Year.

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We'll have to get some blocks or something sturdy to elevate the front of the crib.

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If your baby gags or spits up mucus, turn him on his side and firmly pat his back as social hookups com to vigorously burp your baby.

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Always know where to easily and quickly find your bulb syringe.

He's now on his tummy on my chest and has since choked up saliva twice in the last hour.

I'm just simply scared to death that he will choke and I won't wake up to hear it!!

Like many parents, you may have concerns about back-sleeping, such as choking, poor sleeping — and maybe even flat heads!

I had this problem too when my baby was younger.

Getting an early diagnosis and treatment can prevent other complications from developing.

Other symptoms of a tumor can include:.

While your newborn gagging can be alarming, try to stay calm and allow your baby's natural reflexes to help clear the airways.