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Lubricants safe for anal sex. However, oil-based blends can be amazing for certain kinds of anal stimulation i.

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It will not cause any irritation or infection provided you have an odorless Aloe Vera gel at home.

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But if your girl friend really does want to go ahead, she will definitely need a lubricant.

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Think, can't-really-feel-your-parts levels of numbness.

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Triton Anal Lubricant.

Plus, if this review doesn't do it for you, I don't know what will.

Boy Butter Original Formula is the gold standard for oil-based lubes for anal because it's specially formulated to last as long as a silicone lube but it's also not free porno websites u porn to stain your sheets which is a big risk ordinarily with oil.

This best-selling anal lube formula is a futanari pillow gel, so it's thicker in consistency for an extra "cushiony" feel.

It's formulated with a mix of coconut oil, silicone, and other vegetable oils, and basically looks like a tub of butter and has the same consistency, until it starts to melt.

If you cannot find anything else at home which is ready to use, saliva is a suitable alternative and it comes absolutely free of cost.

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