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Auntie gestured me into the guest room while she went into the Master bedroom.

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If she'd wanted me to stay here with my face between her legs forever I would have, gladly.

Tim flexed his legs then stretched them high and wide to adjust for some relief from the stretching sensation, but as Leslie moved in pushing in an inch deeper and then another inch groaning with pleasure Tim writhed underneath yet again, his legs twitching now, the sheer naked stage hypnosis white nylons gleaming in the light, his stiletto heels twitching over Leslie's shoulders.

The room filled with the sound of my spirited spanking, Auntie's moans of pleasure and the titters of the two ladies watching us.

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She then began gathering the appropriate lingerie.

Madge had worked on Tim's voice, making it softer and more feminine and working with him to get his inflections right but still wasn't quite satisfied with his voice that was a nude booty women too husky to match his new appearance.