Burning stabbing red reash around anus. I've taken 'Entrolax' it's made it a bit easier but the pain is very sharp, it's almost like piles but not quite as bloody I suppose.

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You are right to be cautious.

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Then, defecating begins to hurt and I feel a sharp burning sensation whenever I defecate that does not produce blood and goes away immediately after I go to the bathroom.

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Should I be concerned, should I see a doctor.

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For a thirteen year old that's a lot of pain:

The pain is at the posterior end of anus exactly in line with intergluteal cleft.

Personally, I would want someone to see what cameroonian porn going on down there before I sat back, painfully, and relaxed.

Can devices know what you're feeling?

Chapter 5 Pest control.

For the first time, it hurt really bad, wasn't even in half way and I screamed, he stopped automatically.

I had a cramp today and thought I should Google some information and came across this site.

Could this be hemmroids or could it be signs of something else?

Pain on left bum cheek above anus and it is very sore.